2022 Calendar of Events:

Like 2021, Smile Finders remains 100% open for service to our clients. On site dental wellness days, health topic awareness days, and screenings elevate wellness awareness and may save your life. At a minimum, on-site health screenings provide a safe place for a person to ask questions and gather information. A routine blood pressure check may ignite action from the person quietly in denial of a high blood pressure problem. 

Smile Finders supports the governments' My Plate campaign for healthy eating habits. 

We offer certain screening services on site at the workplace and believe in the benefit of periodic health screenings. The dental health providers we refer to believe in health screenings as an opportunity to enhance the set of medical facts at the disposal of the patient and his/her health providers. 

We change lives, one smile at a time. Our approachable bilingual staff are helpful to direct you to information. We will refer you to a professional dental group with demonstrable points of experience and good standing with the dental board.